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TP3's Heritage: 30 years young


In 1983, management consultant Ron Pollak saw opportunity in the launch of the personal computer. He transformed his consultancy into a computer training company and the new organisation, Pollak Partners, quickly became an industry leader with offices in every Australian state.

A few years later, in 1987, Brenda Tripp and Geoff Webb founded TACTICS Consulting, building a strong reputation as technical writers and consultants with offices in Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Malaysia, Singapore and New Zealand. In 1991 they secured the exclusive Australian rights for the Information Mapping® structured writing methodology.

By the late 1990s—when Ron, Brenda and Geoff had each moved on from the businesses they had founded—the two organisations were each industry leaders, improving the knowledge and productivity of people across the Asia-Pacific region by making information easy to use and by imparting critical new skills.

Neither business stopped there. They continued to expand their expertise, teams and blue-chip client lists as more and more Australian businesses adapted to increasing globalisation, professionalisation and adoption of new technology. Each organisation was served by strong, visionary leaders and achieved growing success by developing truly great teams of professionals who were passionate about making a difference to the way people work.

But even larger opportunities awaited. Both organisations saw a need to expand and take the next step in transforming corporate performance across Australia. In 2008, these two highly successful organisations joined forces and TP3 was born. The organisation brought together the powerful capabilities of each into a single, focused business dedicated to providing integrated information management and learning advice and expertise.

In June 2013, TP3 merged with Purple Learning to add award-winning capabilities in digital learning—and a shared belief in the value of creativity for successful learning and lasting productivity.

Today, TP3 is the leader in Knowledge and Productivity Improvement, enriching people and enabling performance across Australia.