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Global Workplace Learning Trends in 2017

We chat with Learning industry expert Donald H Taylor on the results of his annual Global L&D Sentiment Survey.

Donald’s annual survey asks L&D professionals one question: “What will be hot in L&D in the coming year?” Over time, the answers have proved revealing.

This is a great opportunity to understand the key trends shaping L&D both here and overseas.

Speakers: Donald H Taylor (Learning Performance Institute) and Helen D’Arcy (TP3 Group).



Becoming a Trusted HR / L&D Business Partner?

Our Senior Learning and Capability Consultants, Helen D’Arcy and Geoff Thomas deliver a very insightful webinar on HR Business partnering; the challenges we encounter, the opportunities to add value and the strategic importance of this significant role.

This is one of the greatest challenges facing Human Resource professionals. How to join other key leaders as a strategic business partner valued for their advice on how human capital management can support, indeed drive large organisational goals and initiatives.

This transition to Business Partners is not without challenges for internal service teams and individuals. They must continue to deliver traditional HR services in an efficient, effective manner that reduces risk and optimises human capital, but also demonstrate their value in the language of business executives.

Speakers: Helen D’Arcy and Geoff Thomas, TP3 Learning and Capability Consultants



Where is the world of workplace learning heading in 2016?

We chat with Learning industry veteran Donald H Taylor on the results of his third annual Global L&D Sentiment Survey to provide the answers — and ask some probing questions about L&D as a whole.

Viewing this webinar recording is a great opportunity to understand the key trends shaping L&D both here and overseas.

Speakers: Donald H Taylor (Learning Performance Institute) and Stephen De Kalb (TP3 Australia).



Improving Productivity using Enterprise Social Networking

Leading research shows organisations that use Enterprise Social Networks (ESNs) save training costs, improve communication and increase productivity by as much as a staggering 30 percent. Add to this other benefits in areas such as employee engagement, customer service, brand reputation and innovation, and it’s clear ESNs bring benefits that are simply too large to ignore.

In this one-hour on-demand webcast you’ll gain a thorough understanding of the benefits and challenges of ESNs — including proven strategies to help you plan, implement and manage social tools in your workplace.

Speakers: Scott Ward (Digital Infusions) and Andrea Marlan (TP3 Australia).



Blended Learning 2.0

The research is in — and it’s surprising

Rapidly changing demographics are presenting L&D departments with an unprecedented phenomenon. The key to meeting this challenge is Blended Learning 2.0 – leveraging today’s rapidly changing array of resources and technologies to build highly targeted, extended and effective learning and change programs.

This one-hour on demand webcast shares key learnings from the latest Cegos APAC Workplace Learning Trends research, the most comprehensive annual survey of L&D managers in this part of the world with nearly 3,000 respondents from 872 organisations across six nations.

Speakers: Jeremy Blain (Cegos APAC) and Maree Argy (TP3 Australia).



How Microsoft is reinventing productivity in the modern office

Microsoft is reinventing productivity in the modern office with the release of SharePoint and Office 365. The importance of enhancing, protecting and collaborating these exciting new platforms is more relevant than ever.

Watch this 45-minute recorded session with Michelle Markham, a veteran of Microsoft's product marketing team and a passionate champion for Microsoft Office and Office 365 in the enterprise. Michelle discusses powerful, practical and proven strategies to use social tools to drive improvements in learning and business performance.

Speakers: Michelle Markham and Kiril Grasevski



Empowering L&D to deliver on the promise of the Virtual Classroom

Live online learning, or Virtual Classroom delivery, has been around for a good while now and in most parts of the world its adoption rates are sky high.

Yet some organisations remain reticent because of concerns about technology, interaction, structure or content.

This highly interactive 1-hour recorded session with noted L&D strategist Cheryle Walker will help you understand what an engaging Virtual Classroom feels like, how to build confidence as a facilitator and develop relationships with online learners, and much more.

Speakers: Cheryle Walker and TP3s Arthur Richardson



Social Learning in the Workplace

The internet, mobile technologies and social media are utterly transforming our lives as much as printing, the telephone, radio and television have in the past. According to learning experts, the workplace is at a tipping point for HR and business leaders. Theres no turning back, only futile resistance. What exactly is social learning, and why and how are organisations embracing it to enable valuable collaborations to occur? You will learn powerful, practical and proven strategies to use social tools to drive improvements in learning and business performance.

Watch this 1-hour recorded session with leading expert Helen Blunden as she discusses powerful, practical and proven strategies to use social tools to drive improvements in learning and business performance.

Speaker: Helen Blunden

Hosted by: Craig Simon



Workplace Well-being

Healthy workers are productive workers, and Workplace Well-being is now a business priority not simply an HR responsibility. That's because effective Workforce Well-being programs are proven to improve the health and well-being of employees but also drive significant organisational improvements such as reduced absenteeism, fewer accidents, greater employee resilience, increased productivity, improved retention and enhanced employer branding.

Watch this 1-hour recorded session with leading expert Martine Barclay as she discusses the programs that increase employee engagement, reduce costs and sustain genuine competitive advantage.

Speaker: Leading expert Martine Barclay of Interconnected Development.



Mastering Personal Knowledge

Work is changing. Simple work is being automated. Standardised work is being outsourced. Complex, creative work built on implicit knowledge is the modern business imperative.

Watch this 1-hour recorded session with global collaboration expert and author Harold Jarche as he discusses why individuals must learn without borders and master their personal knowledge in order to build expertise and explains how this can be best achieved using a proven framework to seek out people and other sources of valuable information, and to connect, network, share and grow.

Speakers: Craig Simon of TP3 interviews Harold Jarche.



Using Plain Language to Meet the LLN Challenge

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, more than 45% of Australians aged over 15 have reading skills below the minimum required to meet the complex demands of everyday life and work. The Federal Government and many Australian organisations are working to improve the Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) of Australias workforce to improve workers LLN skills and increase business productivity.

Watch this 1-hour recorded session discussing the many benefits of addressing LLN and adopting a plain language approach.

Speakers: Naomi Aitken and Vivienne Begg of TP3.



Taking Control: Performance Support and Personal Learning

Learning requirements are often dictated, and overemphasise formal learning. They do little to encourage personal ownership of performance improvement and often fail to recognise the substantial and powerful amount of informal learning that occurs.

Watch this complimentary, one-hour recorded discussion and gain valuable insights the growing movement towards learner-driven workplace learning.

Speakers: Craig Simon and Vanessa Watson of TP3.



Making Strategy Stick: A Manager's Guide

Strategies dont always become realities. Why is this? Can failure be blamed on a lack of discipline and poor communication, or is it that management over-emphasises the importance of crafting the strategy, and under-emphasises the need to ensure it is implemented (and adapted) correctly?

Speakers: Daniel Locke, Principal of Daniel Locke Consulting and Mike Magee of TP3.



Mobile Learning: What Really Works and Why

Often misunderstood, mobile learning oozes potential particularly in areas like performance support and informal learning. 
Watch this complimentary, one-hour recorded discussion and gain valuable insights into benefits, content, design, planning and challenges of a successful adoption of mobile learning.

Speakers: Craig Simon and Sue Wallace of TP3.



Gamification: Beyond the Hype

Find out why the gamification of learning is receiving such phenomenal interest, how to separate the reality from the hype, and how you can make gamification an integral component of your learning strategy.

Speakers: Craig Simon and Ari Maidenberg of TP3.



Compliance Documentation: Minimise Risk, Maximise Control

A discussion of the growing impact of compliance, why documentation is the key to effective compliance and organisational resilience, and how the Information Mapping content standard addresses compliance issues, with best-practice examples from around the world.

Speakers: Veronique Wittebolle of Information Mapping International, Belgium and Vivienne Begg of TP3.



How Technology is Shaping the Future of Learning

Insights from three seasoned learning technologists about how successful organisations are managing today's rapidly changing, technology-enabled learning environments, and what technological developments await us

Speakers: Steve Young APAC General Manager of NetDimensions, Craig Simon of Purple Learning, and Steve Ferhad of TP3.



Communicating Change

A discussion of the academic literature and what happens in practice when change happens within Australian organisations. Topics include who the critical change communicators are and how they view their role, the importance of frontline managers to change communication, and much more.

Speakers: Daniel Locke, Principal of Daniel Locke Consulting and Susan Dyster of TP3.



Modern Leadership: A TP3 Perspective

Contemplate a range of recent executive leadership research and theory that identifies the specific qualities that C-level leaders need to succeed. Learn about intrinsic factors that are part-and-parcel of any leader achieving success as well as the surprising external influences.

Speakers: Peter Elliott and Susan Dyster of TP3.



Blended Learning: The simple truths, basic mistakes and vast potential

Join a discussion of the concept, benefits and opportunities presented by Blended Learning, including how (and why) to start using a blended approach, sourcing suitable high-quality materials, and how Blended Learning can reduce costs and improve productivity.

Speakers: Jeremy Blain, Managing Director of Cegos Asia-Pacific and Robert Blandford of TP3.



Corporate Learning in Australia 2013 Research

An examination of independent research into how Australian organisations and agencies are leveraging their training investment. From ROI to the skills shortage, it discusses key issues facing L&D in Australia, as well as the macro and micro dynamics of the continuous-learning environment, changing workforce and economic pressures.

Speakers: Graeme Philipson, Principal of Philipson Research and Jacky Morgan of TP3.



Aligning Learning strategy to organisational goals

Find out why every successful organisation has a learning strategy, why learning strategies can and often do fail, and the benefits and results of a learning strategy that underpins business and commercial goals. Hear Cathy's tips to develop a learning strategy that meets your organisations specific goals and objectives.

Speaker: Cathy Aboud, Manager of the Cape Group.



A sneak peek into Microsoft Windows 8 and the new Microsoft Office suite

Microsoft and the TP3 team explore the new world of Windows 8, and share their views on Microsoft's productivity vision, the new user interface of Windows 8, its ease of use and more. A must-watch if you are considering upgrading to Windows 8.

Speakers: Michelle Markham, Office and SharePoint Product Manager of Microsoft Australia, and Kiril Grasevski and Mark Finney of TP3.





Excel 2010 - Turning BS into BI

Speaker: Justin Read of TP3







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